background icon color

Icons for GRASS



First set of 9 icons, just to see them in toolbar. Without 3D, shadows, raster workout, etc. - just draft from vector.

Download zipped icons


Layer primitives based on GRASS logo.
Depending on layer type will be filled with different elements.
or - one layer
- several layers

Objects and actions

Probably most of action signs should be 20-30% bigger.

object/action add delete edit new/create redraw / display(?) open save more options previous next import export duplicate
layer ++++
workspace ++++
zoom ++
display monitor ++


Basic GIS objects


Basic GIS actions


Map display window toolbar (new NVIZ icons ...)



After longer break I made comparison with standard GRASS and silk icons for wxGUI. Just to have better overwiev.

[2008 late summer :) ]

More ideas in one place prepared for Geoinformatics FCE CTU 2008 Workshop in Prague. Full paper on Toolbar icons for GIS applications.
Many thanks Martin ...


As first version of GIS icons is every day closer, I have to decide (with your help) on few issues. At this stage Tango color palette was used.

Latest (preview) versions of icons for QGIS.

Vote in survey based on QGIS interface

Q1: High contrast and color saturation or low contrast?

Q2: One final theme or more to choose?

Q3: 2D (very light 3D) or 3D look?

Q4: Your opinion about non-standard file icons (new, open, save, save as)

Form verification: QGIS stands for


Version 0.1 of GIS icon sets for GRASS and QGIS is ready. Work will follow at

Comments are welcome on GRASS and Quantum GIS mailing lists.